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Most of us know it. There is truth to the adage that loving what you do means you “never work a day in your life.” But that doesn’t mean we all don’t need regular breaks.

It’s based in more than an innate desire to catch a breather from time to time. Huffpost recently pooled together several studies that demonstrate the following scientific support for taking breaks:

  • Taking a break once an hour increases productivity
  • A break can fuel our minds
  • Physical movement keeps our minds active as well
  • Stepping away to drink a cup of tea in the afternoon helps you slow down and regulate
  • An occasional change of scenery helps us work harder

Aside from a much-needed vacation every so often, one of the most important breaks of all is your weekend. So how do you take your Fridays back and enjoy the weekend off?

Here are a few time management tips for small business that can help you truly enjoy your weekends:

  1. Monday Motivation: Create a list on Monday morning of the five largest and most important things to get done this week.
  2. Thoughtful Tuesday: It’s not necessarily fun, but most small business owners know the value of eating the frog first. Try tackling the toughest things on the list first thing and head-on so the rest of the week is smooth sailing.
  3. Well-Done Wednesday: Aim for getting the five things completed by Wednesday. This opens up your schedule the rest of the week to accomplish the equally important things that may not have been a priority a few days earlier.
  4. Think-Ahead Thursday: Set some time aside on Thursday to schedule out your plans with your family for the weekend. Make the necessary reservations, check the weather, and buy the tickets ahead of time.
  5. Freaky Friday: List the top 10 recurring tasks that you find most difficult, annoying, or time-consuming. Then switch it up and delegate! Start by finding a virtual assistant to complete those tasks on a weekly basis. In the weeks that follow, set a goal to have these tasks assigned, and ultimately off your plate, by noon on Fridays.

Then comes the most important step in the process: enjoy your weekend. Most of us know that living our dream and pursuing our passion is hard work. It doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy every minute of it, but it does mean we still owe it to ourselves, and our business, to take the breaks we need.

Want to save time and get your Fridays back?

No matter the issue, we generally handle it for you. So that means you have one email and one company to remember. We know most small business owners know what they need to accomplish, but don’t necessarily have the time to do it themselves.

That’s where we come in. Consider it a way to buy a bit of happiness by getting your Fridays back.

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