Tony Artz



Having spent the last five years in public accounting, I knew that I liked accounting but the fit just wasn’t right.  I enjoyed the work, but I was unable to devote attention to clients that I felt deserved more.  With constant tax and regulatory deadlines, the focus was not on the client’s well-being but rather just how quickly I could get something done and move on to the next project.  The constantly shifting demands, high-turnover, and inability to focus sufficiently on clients caused me to look for a better way to use my skills to help clients in a meaningful way.

Joining Cloud Friday provides me the chance to work with companies throughout their accounting cycle. Working at Cloud Friday will also allow me to pursue my personal interests through the flexibility of working for a truly remote company.  I look forward to working with you, learning about your business, and providing any assistance or input that will help you move forward and be successful.

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