10 Best Apps For Time Tracking For Freelancers

If you’re a freelancer or even a sole proprietor, you likely know the importance of tracking your time. Time tracking for freelancers is easier than ever thanks to a wide range of available digital tools.

Here are some of the most well-known and most widely used tools to help freelancers track time and maximize productivity. We’ll share some of the features each one offers, how much they cost, and what type of business owner each might be best for.

1. Toggl

Toggl was founded in 2006 by business owners that wanted to have a better handle on the profitability of their own projects. As the co-founders went about perfecting their time-tracking site, clients fell in love with the reports they sent showing where time was spent on their projects, and Toggl was born.

What It Does

Toggl’s free program has a basic time tracking feature, auto-tracking, 100+ integrations, and import/export capabilities. Upgrade to the Starter program and get billable rates, saved reports, time estimates, and more.

Toggl Premium adds in project and admin dashboards, scheduled reports, time audits, and other features. And you can track your individual time or your team’s time. You can track as you work or add your hours into your report later.

What It Costs

Toggl’s basic time tracking feature is totally free. Upgrade to Toggl Starter for $10 a month per user or Toggle Premium for $20 a month per user. Discounts for annual pay. 30-day free trial available for paid programs.

Best For: Those looking for a free time tracker or entrepreneurs with or without teams

2. Harvest

Harvest is the time tracking tool I use personally as a freelance writer. It’s got an integrated invoicing system that makes both time tracking and billing easy.

What It Does

Harvest is a multi-functional program. You can use it to time track projects, to manage your team, to help assess whether your projects are financially healthy, to invoice, and more. The program includes daily timers as well as weekly timesheets for a full picture of your project activities.

With Harvest you can track time as you work or enter your hours after they’re completed. You can detail billable hours and non-billable hours, track how much of your budget you have remaining, and track total expenses vs. total budget.

Harvest also allows you to export your data if you want to use it in your own personal spreadsheet. It integrates with Asana, Trello, Quickbooks Online, Xero, and more.

What It Costs

Harvest costs $12 per user per month with a free 30-day trial available. Discounts for annual pay.

Best For: Those looking for team management features


AND.CO is a time tracker that is recommended by the popular freelancer’s website Fiverr. The company founded in 2015 and partnered with Fiverr in 2018.

What It Does

The program has an easy-to-use time tracking app, custom invoicing, and features to write proposals and contracts. You can also use the program to track expenses and to create reports that will help you prepare for tax time.

The detailed invoices AND.CO sends are editable so you can change which tasks and project information your client sees.

AND.CO has two plans to choose from: Free and Pro. The Free plan allows you to track and bill for one client, and all contracts and invoices have AND.CO branding on them. You’ll be charged a 2.9% +.30 fee for each payment received, and you can hook up two bank accounts to the Free version.

The Pro version offers unlimited clients, up to six bank accounts, and the ability to remove the AND.CO branding from your contracts and invoices.

Both versions allow you to accept ACH payments, credit card payments, and PayPal payments. The one downside to AND.CO is its limited integrations list. See the website for more details.

What It Costs

The Free version is free, of course, and the Pro version is $18 per month. 30-day free trial available.

Best For: Sole proprietors who work on a variety of freelancing projects

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4. Due

Due was founded in 2015 as an invoicing program for freelancers. The program has since expanded to include several other features for business owners. While Due used to offer time tracking for free, that’s no longer the case.

What It Does

Today Due offers the complete package: Time tracking, invoicing, credit card processing, and a digital wallet. It even has the capability to identify idle time during your workday. The time tracking feature works in conjunction with the invoicing feature to save you time. The plans include accounting reports and recurring invoicing as well.

Due’s Basic plan allows you to serve up to 10 clients, has unlimited invoicing and time tracking, and lets you accept payments from Due, PayPal, or Stripe. The Pro plan allows for up to 75 clients. There’s a Premium plan too that allows for unlimited clients.

The plans allow for additional team members too; see the website for details. Limited integrations. See the website for details.

What It Costs

The Basic plan costs $7.99 per month, the Pro plan costs $16.99 per month, and the Premium plan costs $27.99 per month.  Plans include the ability to manage three team members (Premium allows for 15 team members). Additional team members are $3 per month extra. Discounts are available for annual pay, and there’s a free 30-day trial.

Best For: Those wanting to identify and track idle time during the day

5. RescueTime

RescueTime was founded by a group of friends who struggled — like many of us — with wondering why their workday went so fast with so little production. To date, RescueTime has helped over 2 million people gain control of their work day.

What It Does

Unlike some of the other programs we’ve mentioned here that focus on time and money management, RescueTime focuses on time management/productivity alone, and does it well. It offers time and productivity reports as it automatically tracks your working hours.

The program comes with a Smart Goals feature that allows you to set working goals for the day. One cool feature of RescueTime is its “distraction blocking” feature. This feature, which comes with the Premium plan, allows users to block distracting websites for a specified time period.

So if you are looking to get some serious work done, you can block sites like social media and news sites while you work.

What It Costs

RescueTime’s Lite plan is free. It comes with time tracking, time and productivity reports, and smart goal capabilities. The Premium plan costs $12 per month and includes distraction blocking, offline time reporting, and more. Limited integrations.

Best For: Those who struggle with distraction during the workday

6. Everhour

Everhour can be a great time tracking tool for small and large teams. With Everhour, you can track project time and take care of client invoicing as well as payroll.

What It Does

You’ll be able to see and track your team’s working hours as well as what they’re working on and where each project is at from a budget perspective. You can add scheduled time off to the calendar as well in order to keep track of staff availability.

And you can modify the program’s time tracking policies to fit your team and your business.

Everhour’s Basic plan works with Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and more. However, the Free plan doesn’t include any integrations. This program is geared more toward multi-person teams as opposed to individual freelancers with no team members.

What It Costs

The Free plan is free and works with up to five users. The Basic plan is $5 per month per user, and you need to sign up for a minimum of five users whether you have them or not. For that reason, Everhour’s Basic plan is better for teams of five or more. 14-day free trial available.

Best For: Business owners and managers wanting a good handle on team availability

7. Bonsai

Bonsai was created for the purpose of helping freelancers run their businesses more effectively. It’s an all-in-one product with several smart automation features.

What It Does

Bonsai covers every step of your business from proposals to time tracking to tax reports. They’ve even got templates for everything from invoices to contracts. The time tracker lets you set an hourly rate for each project and easily convert those hours to a billable invoice.

Although the cost is a bit higher than many of the other programs we’ve talked about, the value included in the plans is hefty. The Workflow plan includes unlimited clients and projects.

You’ll get proposals, contracts, invoicing, and more. The Workflow Plus plan includes all of the features of the Workflow plan, plus subcontracting capabilities and integration with Calendly. It’s an all-in-one time tracking app for every aspect of your business.

What It Costs

The Workflow plan is $19 per month and the Workflow Plus plan is $29 per month. 14-day free trial available.

Best For: Those looking for a comprehensive time tracker with virtually all of the tools you’ll need to manage your business.

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8. TopTracker

TopTracker was created by TopTal, a company that connects the top three percent of freelancers in a variety of fields with clients who want to hire the best of the best.

TopTal created TopTracker for all freelancers to use, as a way to make their lives and businesses more organized.

What It Does

TopTracker lets you effortlessly track time from any device, although they recommend using the desktop version for maximum benefit. This app also allows you to invoice clients and accept payments for free via Payoneer.

You get a centralized view of all team projects for maximum efficiency and tracking. The app will even show you detailed activity reports. And there are no limits on the number of projects you can track.

Bonus: TopTracker gives you the ability to blur out sensitive information before sending screenshots to team members or clients. This allows for maximum privacy as you work on projects.

Activity level tracking of team members rounds out the features of TopTracker

What It Costs

TopTracker is free. There’s no cost to use it, even if you’re not a member of TopTal.

Best For: Any freelancer or team manager who wants a top-notch free time tracker.

9. TimeCamp

TimeCamp was founded in 2008. Interestingly, the app evolved from a class project assigned to the CEO. Today, TimeCamp is a time tracker, project profitability and productivity tool, and more.

What It Does

The free version of TimeCamp allows you to track time and create productivity reports on unlimited projects. TimeCamp’s Basic plan adds in the ability to enable automatic time tracking, domain detection, billable budgeting, and more.

If you sign up for TimeCamp’s Pro plan, you get bonus features such as invoicing and timesheet approval. They’ve got a plan for larger companies as well that include a self-hosted server.

TimeCamp integrates with several popular programs including Trello and Asana.

What It Costs

The Basic TimeCamp plan costs just $5.25 per user, per month. The Pro plan costs $7.50 per user, per month. Contact the company for quotes on larger plans. 14-day free trial available.

Best For: Solopreneuers looking for a free time tracker.

10. HourStack

HourStack is a small, diverse company with the goal of helping businesses and entrepreneurs run at maximum efficiency.

What It Does

HourStack helps your business with time tracking, scheduling, workflow optimization, and more. One of the reasons I chose HourStack for this list is because it makes time tracking, well, fun!

HourStack uses color-coded blocks to help you create an efficient schedule that manages all of your tasks in a coordinated manner. All HourStack plans come with unlimited time tracking and unlimited projects.

The plans also integrate with other systems such as Asana and Xero.

What It Costs

The Personal plan is $5.60 per month and is meant for individual users. The Professional plan is $12 per month, per user, and includes report generating capabilities.

Best For: Those who want a little fun added into time management tasks.


There are so many time tracking apps and programs to choose from. The one you choose depends on varying factors such as integrations, team capacity, and more.

Which program you choose isn’t as important as the act of choosing one. Time tracking apps for freelancers and team managers alike, when used properly, will help you maximize efficiency and productivity in your business.

And that’s the important part.

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