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In a previous post, we discussed some of the pros and cons of hiring an independent small business advisor. The primary cons were consultants not truly understanding your business model or overall goals. Luckily, CloudFriday provides the best of both worlds: an outside perspective with an inside understanding.

Small business advisors providing an outside perspective and an insider’s understanding.

We have a unique perspective as accountants and small business owners ourselves, and an amazing toolbox at our disposal: the GrowthWheel methodology.

Why GrowthWheel?

We are Certified GrowthWheel Small Business Advisors for one simple reason: It works.

GrowthWheel helps us truly support your vision and goals while providing an intuitive and impressive cloud-based planning and decision-making technology.

What exactly is GrowthWheel?

It’s a visual communication plan centered on the four main challenges every business faces, regardless of whether they are a sole proprietor or have thousands of employees:

  1. Creating an attractive business concept, product, service, or technology.
  2. Establishing a strong organization by creating alignment between business partners, staff, suppliers, and/or vendors.
  3. Building lasting customer relationships from new client acquisition, through growth, and into maintenance.
  4. Maintaining profitable operations by managing cash flow, productivity, logistics, and operations.

“The way to grow a company is to determine which decisions to make and which actions to take.” ~ David Madie, Founder and CEO of GrowthWheel International Inc.

What challenges can you help me with?

Each of these challenges arises repeatedly at every stage of the business lifecycle. Having someone there who understands your business and is able to maintain an objective viewpoint is key when deciding which:

  • Areas to focus on to drive positive change in your business.
  • Actions you need to take to create the most impact in the shortest amount of time.
  • Tasks should take priority and in which order to achieve your goals.

It also provides a structure and language in which to have the conversations that ensure everyone is on the same page and working toward the same objectives.

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