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*figures shown below reflect the first three months of pricing. Monthly pricing will revert to normal pricing after three months. 










Need a little more?

If your business is a C-Corp, requires accrual accounting, or exceeds 301 transactions a month, then we will create a custom price for your business.

Need a Little less?

Less than 40 transactions per month and no need for accounts receivable or accounts payable? You may need a little less and can opt for accounting support at $199/per month. Reach out and we can discuss this option to see if it is a match. 

Ask Your Accountant


We are here to help. This short list of questions are the ones we are asked the most and hopefully they help you.

Don’t see your question here? Send us a note and we will get back to you. 

Within the field of accounting, we can record your books in one of two methods. The Cash method records transactions when cash exchanges hands. The Accrual method records transactions when they are earned/recognized, even if cash hasn’t been exchanged. 

Here is a link to an article which might help. 

We specialize within the SaaS, medical, real estate, internet and affiliate marketing, and legal fields.

We use LastPass Teams as a way for us to keep login credentials, credit card and bank account numbers and any other private information secure. We never want private information sent via email or text, and is never written down on paper.

We will ensure your books are reviewed for accuracy and reconciled annually. We will ensure 1099s and W-2s (where applicable) are issued. We will work directly with your tax accountant to ensure they receive the information they need to file your tax return. 

We will review your account on a minimum of once a week. If we have concerns or issues, then we will reach out. If your account was smooth that week, we may not reach out. We reconcile and issue monthly financials, so if your account is smooth all month long (which is rare!), then you might only hear from us when we send financials. We are always available by email, phone, text, or Slack, so you can always reach out to us if you have a question.

The books will need to be cleaned up. We don’t charge a flat fee to do that. We bill clean up work on an hourly basis. Our hourly work is billed at $60/hour. 

We are accountants handling payroll, not payroll specialists. We will manage payroll for our accounting clients only. We leverage the power of our partnership with Gusto to ensure payroll is done accurately and on time.

Yes, as long as the request is within our purview. If your loan officer requests reports, like a P&L over time or specific details around certain expense, we will assist in however way we can.

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