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Do I qualify for your services?

If you consider yourself a small business who doesn’t have enough work to hire a full-time person in each department – accounting, administrative or internet marketing – then you will benefit from Cloud Friday services. Our clients are business owners that need an extra pair of hands to help out but don’t have the budget or workload to hire a full-time employee.

Why are the Administrative & Web Service options only available to accounting clients?

That’s a great question!  Your finances run the engine of your business and support your decisions to bring on additional help. We want to ensure your financials are updated and managed before you take on additional support.

What makes GrowthWheel different from other business coaching services?

GrowthWheel is based on the concept that all businesses are built on the same foundations and areas of focus. GrowthWheel provides an online platform to move through those areas of focus as your business requires it. We also have Frameworks, Decision Sheets, and articles to guide you as you take action.

How do you process payroll?

As an accounting client, your financials will be managed through either Quickbooks Online or Xero. Your payroll will be managed by Cloud Friday using a third party company, SurePayroll.  All pertinent information will be brought into your accounting software each payroll run.

How do I pay for Cloud Friday services?

You will subscribe to an automated payment for your selected services through Stripe, during your registration process on CloudFriday.com.  These payments will be debited from your checking or credit card account monthly.

What if I prefer to pay by check or cash?

Cloud Friday is able to keep our service costs low by automatically processing all payments using Stripe.  We do not accept check or cash payments.

What should I do if I have a change in payment method?

You can log into your payment account via our website, here.  Any changes to your billing address or method can be made here.  All future payments will be made using the updated information.

Will I receive a bill or receipt?

Stripe does not issue monthly bills but will issue an email receipt upon payment each month you are enrolled in a Cloud Friday service.

How do you keep our passwords?

Cloud Friday uses LastPass as our secure site to store all sensitive login and financial information.

Where do you keep our paperwork and files?

We use Google Drive to store and share all files related to your account.

How do you manage social media postings?

Cloud Friday uses Buffer as our means to schedule and post all social media content.

What software do you use for bookkeeping and accounting services?

We use QuickBooks Online and Xero to manage all our clients’ bookkeeping. This allows both our staff and you quick access to your accounts. The cost of the software is an additional expense, however, we pass along our wholesale discount!

What if I want to use a different online bookkeeping software?

Cloud Friday uses QuickBooks Online and Xero for all bookkeeping and accounting services. If you decide to make the switch so we can help, we will assist with the data transition.

Why should I choose Cloud Friday?

We are a one-stop solution for all your administrative, bookkeeping and online marketing needs.  You started a company because you have a passion to produce a product or service a market.  Maybe you didn’t realize there are lots of different hats to wear when you own your own company.  Cloud Friday offers staff to wear those hats for you, at a fraction of the cost of a full-time staff member.

Do you have another question?

As with any service, you should be sure before you buy.  So getting all the right information is important.  We want to help.