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Time is money. It may be an overused cliché, but every small business owner knows it’s true. There rarely seems to be enough time in the day to balance the demands of owning and operating a business, while still finding a few extra minutes to work out, eat healthy and spend quality time with family and friends. Yet research shows there is one thing almost everyone makes time for throughout the day: their Smartphone.

The average person picks up their phone more than 1,500 times a week and spends an average of more than three hours a day on their phone.

What that means for small business owners is ultimately up to how all that time is spent. Instead of allowing that to become a productivity nightmare (Candy Crush anyone?), why not tap into it and make it something useful for both you and your staff?

We researched some of the top mobile apps for boosting productivity at work to help keep everyone focused and enrich the workplace environment.


Social media has changed everything when it comes to getting the word out about your small business. Never before has it been so important to be on page one of Google searches or at the top of Facebook newsfeeds. Developing a presence online is a crucial and worthwhile investment, but maintaining all of the different platforms can become time consuming. Hootsuite is a social media management tool that enhances the way you disperse social media content. It offers a free plan suitable for most individuals, but also offers affordable pro and business plans that start at $9.99 a month and are perfect for businesses.


Keeping track of expenses can be a chore that often falls in the lap of the small business owner. This can be especially taxing when the startup business itself has nothing to do with managing the finances of a company. Most often, small business owners are bringing a passion of theirs to life and may or may not have experience or a knowledge base in what it takes to efficiently manage the books. That’s where Expensify comes in. A great fit for business owners who travel frequently or who reimburse employees for expenses, Expensify allows automatic reporting and submitting of expense reports and helps sort through which expenses actually require approval. Any approved reports are disbursed to employees as soon as the next day and any changes in accounting processes are synced in real time.

Expensify works great with Cloud Friday’s staff enabling us to completely handle your accounting!


A lot can happen in a day that can make managing an inbox a logistical nightmare. Mailstrom works with most major email products and is designed to identify bundles of related email to save time and make it easier to sort through. Features like Chill and Expire help to address how your time is spent while you’re sorting through email and clean it out automatically based on your preferences. Another function that is incredibly valuable is its enhanced spam protection, which enables the program to block unwanted senders.

Google Drive

When it comes to file sharing and accessing documents, Google Drive makes it possible to work together with a team from almost anywhere. Ideal for teams working in multiple locations, or the active traveling business owner, Google Drive allows users to share and edit documents with ease any time on almost any device. The first 15 GB is free and is usually more than ample for most small businesses.


Brilliant business ideas can happen anywhere at any time. Evernote makes it possible to take note of such revelations, jot down a to-do list or snap a picture of a sketch and then easily retrieve the information later from any device that also has the app. In addition to its search feature, the app allows you to share anything you’d like with your team as well.

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The best mobile apps to boost productivity at work feature alerts and notifications designed to engage users, data protection and safeguards and align with how employees work.

Because as much as we hate to use the cliché, it’s true. Time is money. Finding ways to integrate the use of mobile apps into the everyday routine is a proactive way to keep employees engaged and focused on the task at hand. Collaboration is key to any successful business, and apps like these help facilitate a healthy, and ultimately happy, working environment.