About Us

We do the day-to-day so you can do what you do best – build your business. We get it and that’s why we are here. Cloud Friday has staff well trained in the areas of accounting, management, and advisory work. For a low monthly fee, we’ll work on your behalf to get the job done. Don’t get tied up with the tasks that keep you behind a desk – let Cloud Friday’s staff do the heavy lifting for you.

Our Team

Sonya Tapley

Owner, Advisor, & Accountant

As a small business owner myself, Cloud Friday was a creation of mine that grew out of many needs. Needs of myself and of others I knew. It was not a quick or small decision to start this company, but it was a necessary one. Let me tell you my story.

As a career Accountant, I always struggled working with supervisors who expected you to slave away day in and day out without extra pay or extra appreciation. Further, they often managed by the “do what I tell you because I said so” mentality and that does not work well for me.

I rose in the ranks until becoming an Accounting Manager, at which time I started to ponder whether there isn’t a more effective way to do business. That’s when I realized if I can lead a team as I’d like to be led, all will work out. This is not the case; there is always someone else managing you. For many of our clients at Cloud Friday, this is a common reason for becoming self-employed or a business owner. The same was true for me.

Heather Berardi


I am so excited to be a part of a company that holds the same values and work ethics that I do!

I have spent many years in corporate accounting. I have built relationships and worked hard to advance my career but no matter what I did, I wasn’t happy. I was doing everything I loved with the different aspects of accounting and bookkeeping, however the hours, politics, and demands were draining. There had to be a way to combine what I loved with what I needed.

Cloud Friday has done just that! I now have the opportunity to focus on projects start to finish and to make your company a priority while getting the work/life balance I need. I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience with you!

We Are Hiring. Join Our Team.

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