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Sonya Tapley, CEO & Client Ambassador
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A Word From Our CEO

Welcome to Cloud Friday!
As a small business owner myself, Cloud Friday was a creation of mine that grew out of many needs. Needs of myself and of others I knew. It was not a quick or small decision to start this company, but it was a necessary one. Let me tell you my story.

As a career Accountant, I always struggled working with supervisors who expected you to slave away day in and day out without extra pay or extra appreciation. Further, they often managed by the “do what I tell you because I said so” mentality and that does not work well for me. I rose in the ranks until becoming an Accounting Manager, at which time I thought “So if I can lead a team as I’d like to be lead, then all will work out.” This is not the case; there is always someone else managing you. For many of our clients at Cloud Friday, this is a common reason for becoming self-employed or a business owner. The same was true for me.

We do the day-to-day so you can do what you do best – build your business. We get it and that’s why we are here. Cloud Friday has staff well trained in the areas of accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, and administrative work. For a low monthly fee, we’ll work on your behalf to get the job done. Don’t get tied up with the small tasks that keep you behind a desk – let Cloud Friday’s staff do the heavy lifting for you.

Our Goals for You
Grow your business and succeed.

By concentrating on building your business and handing off the other work, you can bring focus to your growth.  Bring your business to the next step.

Stop juggling all the balls.

As a small business owner, you often have you fingers in everything!  It is time for you to delegate what you can and relax a little bit.

Check out at 5pm on Fridays.

We want you to enjoy the freedom of life outside of work hours, instead of filling up your “free” time with items that can be handed off.

Why We Started This Business
We think small business is the heart of this country.

This country was built on individuals bringing a product or service to the community.  Sure, big business serves its place, but the small business owner is where passion and vision are launched.

We hate to see details fall through cracks.

Harvey S. Firestone said it best, “Success is the sum of details.”  We keep those little things organized so they don’t get missed.

We run on efficiency and simplicity.

We have built our systems and processes to allow us to complete your work quickly and efficiently, without the need for extensive training or handholding.

We use trusted brands to support your business.

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