4 Things to Know About Text Message Marketing & Small Business

Behind the eight ball. Outdated. Obsolete.

Most entrepreneurs take great lengths to ensure none of these words are ever used to describe their business. Instead, they seek to be thought of as trendy and efficient and strive to be the best at what they do.

And what’s trending in small business marketing right now may come as a bit of a surprise to most people. Text message marketing is one of the easiest, simple, and efficient ways to make customers happy these days. Why?

When research shows an estimated 63 percent of people have their phones with them almost 100 percent of the time, the answer is more than conclusive. Text message marketing is an amazingly effective tool small business can (and should) be using to promote their business.

Here are a few reasons why:

Text message marketing works for almost any business

From hair salons, dentists and doctors who need to send out appointment reminders, to franchisees who are seeking to gain a more loyal local following, text message marketing can be used by almost any business for almost any marketing.

Text message marketing saves time

Google what’s trending in small business, and chances are time management will turn up in the results. Finding ways to be more productive and efficient at work is on the minds of employees and business owners alike these days.

That’s why it’s that much more important to leverage as many options as necessary to help keep your business on the forefront of your client’s minds as often as possible.

While it’s not recommended for a small business to send more than four text messages per month to a given customer, there is plenty of opportunity in that handful of times to make a profound impact.

Loyalty programs and special offers for subscribers are a great way to keep people coming back, as well as “first to know” programs that inform subscribers of what’s new, exciting or different in your business.

Text message marketing works

Social media may be king in marketing right now, but that makes SMS marketing queen. Texting can help increase sales, keep business flowing and keep customers happy.

It’s a way to be present with customers, while simultaneously promoting your business.

There are several case studies that demonstrate how text message marketing works, including a relatively famous one involving Shirasoni Japanese Steakhouse. The restaurant used text message marketing to align with the start of football season by promoting a special event for Monday Night Football.

In doing so, the restaurant grossed $2,000 in three and a half hours after sending a message to 3,700 SMS loyalty subscribers.

Text message marketing is a good part of the plan

At Cloud Friday, we know how valuable your time is.

That’s why we aim in all we do to help you get your Fridays back by letting us help you with things like accounting and social media marketing.

At least according to sources like Entrepreneur, text message marketing is part of the bigger picture every business should be considering for the future.

We also know having a plan can make small businesses twice as likely to succeed. That’s why integrating text message marketing with an overall plan that includes integrated business solutions can ultimately make a significant difference for your business.

Want to learn more about how to more effectively manage your business?

Contact us to learn all about how you can get your Fridays back today.

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