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Find Balance In Your Books & Business

Everyone deserves to be stress-free when it comes to their business financials- and our team is here to make that happen so you can make the next best decision on your path toward scaling (or maintaining) your company.
A Few of Our Clients:
What We Do

Our Meticulous Accounting Services Start with Meaningful relationships and end with you making confident financial decisions.

We aim to support service-based business owners by helping them find assurance with accurate financial statements, guidance for any number that pops into their inbox, and time back in their businesses and therefore their lives.

We do this by supporting:

Clear Communication

We know time is limited and schedules are important. We work to communicate clearly and to facilitate efficient discussions.

Alleviate Stress

We understand the many different things you have on your plate. We will work to remove the day-to-day financial tasks of your to-do list.

Team Integration

Our firm's goal is to be a teammate and take ownership of our work, as though you hired a direct employee, by plugging into your systems.

Our Services

Accounting for Your Business.
Accuracy for your Well-Being.

Our team becomes your team; we’re invested in your success.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our degreed and experienced accountants will handle your books and provide the reports you need. Our complete accounting services can take your day-to-day financial tasks off your plate.

Accounts Payable & Bill Pay

We are well-versed in many payables software, including making payments directly from your bank. We can make sure your vendors are paid on time and your bills are recorded properly.

Accounts Receivable & Deposits

No matter how you bill your clients, we can assist with sending your invoices out, reminding clients of open invoices, and ensuring client payments are applied correctly.

Payroll Processing

Paying your employees is very important. We will ensure payroll is completed on time and completed accurately. We will handle any payroll-related issues so you can be worry-free.


Sonya Tapley

Cloud Friday Accounting was built on the foundational belief that people matter. As a career accountant, I experienced many situations where business or money came first and people were thrown out with the bath water.

I wanted to be human and serve people with both numbers and humanity in mind. 

Cloud Friday Accounting is an example of this approach. I wanted to build a work culture that allowed for balance while also accurately and meticulously managing the accounts of clients so they could rest easy knowing they had a partner on their team who would look at any number that crossed their desk.

Here's the thing

You Can't DIY Your Way to Better Financials

We want to take that off your plate. 

We know what it’s like to: 

Hire someone and then feel like they ghosted you with some of your most important information.

If you’ve been ‘burned’ by an accountant or bookkeeper like this before, we get it. That is why we offer you a choice at every stage of the process whether you want to give us full access or send a PDF instead.

Feel like you’re only one of many for an accountant- not getting the 1:1 expertise or care.

You deserve better and that is why we only allot a few clients per accountant so you truly do have a team member instead of being on a roster of 1000.

Be left guessing for what is expected of you and of us.

That’s why we prioritize clear communication and back this up with availability and access to our team during business hours so you are never left in the dark.

Our Accounting Services Equal Your Confidence.

Here's What Our Clients Have To Say

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